Mentoring the Next Generation of ASL Interpreters – A Call to Action


By Brian Hammrich

HIS Sign CEO Christina Hammrich and her husband Brian recently journeyed to Richmond, Kentucky, to drop off their son Matthew at Eastern Kentucky University.  Here is Brian’s story.

This past week, Christina and I took Matthew, our first born, to Eastern Kentucky University where he will be a freshman majoring in American Sign Language interpreting. The interpreter program at EKU is a strong one and we are excited to see how Matthew will grow through his participation.

Over the past year, we have been introduced to a number of recent graduates from this program and the quality of the interpreters that are graduating from this program is very impressive!


Passing the torch. HIS Sign CEO Christina Hammrich with her son, Matthew, at the front entrance to Eastern Kentucky University. Click image to view larger version.

One of the things that Christina and I have been discussing is how HIS Sign can help the next generation of Interpreters to get into the field, to attain certification and then to continually improve the services they provide.

This is leading us to work on ways to help high school students and others that have an interest in learning ASL, ways to help recent ITP graduates to get high EIPA and VQAS scores as well as national certification through RID and ways to help RID certified interpreters to get CEU’s.

Please share your thoughts with us. Subscribe to our blog for more updates and feel free to leave comments and suggestions on how we can help prepare and mentor a new generation of ASL interpreters.

If you have any ideas that we could benefit from, please let us know and look for this information to appear on our website in the coming months. Thanks in advance for your help.


New beginnings. New college student Matthew Hammrich meets his EKU instructor, Karen J. Millsap (ASL Specialist III). Click image to view larger version.

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