Deaf Airline Passengers Push for Captioned In-Flight Entertainment


Mike Walton
HIS Sign Consultant

My name is Mike Walton and I can relate to the following news article on the Tucson Citizen website. I’ve been deaf since age 4 and depend on ASL interpreting at live meetings, and captions while watching movies and TV shows.

I recently traveled from the east coast to the west coast to attend a business conference. Before we took off, the flight attendant approached me to let me know that their in-flight programming was captioned for the deaf. I was excited about this and shortly after take-off, I turned on the TV that was attached to the seat in front of me. The TV was receiving live programming from CNN, MSNBC, and so on. But unlike at home, where all of these shows are captioned, none were on this flight. Because none of the shows and movies you had to pay for interested me, I was forced to stare at my TV for the next five hours as it displayed the flight path.

Needless to say, I totally support any effort that deaf people are doing to try to get the airlines to offer captioned programming on their flights. I know this can be done technically because I recently watched a live broadcast on one of the networks on my home computer that was captioned, just like you’d expect it to be while watching the same show on my home TV.

In the meantime, please take the time to read the Tucson Citizen article by clicking here.

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