British Deaf Man Discusses Mind Work Required When Watching Interpreters All Day

ian cook

Ian Noon
British deaf man

The Limping Chicken is a British independent deaf news and blog website. Recently, Ian Noon, who has been profoundly deaf since birth, recently reflected on a different perspective of the relationship between a sign language interpreter and the deaf person communicating through their interpreter – how exhausting it can for a deaf person to watch an interpreter all day. He said:

But I do also think the fact that the impact of deafness doesn’t just manifest itself in communication is ever really that well understood. It’s about the energy involved in lipreading and being attentive all day long…

It’s like doing jigsaws, Suduku and Scrabble all at the same time…

To read Ian’s article, visit the Limping Chicken blog by clicking here. You can also visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

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