Earn ASL Interpreter CEUs from Home at Leadership Institute for Interpreters


Leadership Institute was recently selected as an Exemplary Leadership Site

It is once again the time of year when we invite procrastinators to unite! While society has placed a relatively negative view on procrastination, I think about it as a more positive phenomena. When we hold off on completing something it is not because we are lazy, unmotivated, or that we do not care. It simply means it has not yet been the right time to do whatever needs to be done!

If you have been feeling poorly about putting off earning CEUs and your professional development cycle ends December 31st, turn that frown upside down! Leadership Institute can help.

The Recorded WebShop Library offers 40 topics, totaling over 4 full RID CEUs! You will find innovative Professional and General Studies topics that cover a broad range of highly relevant skill, knowledge and tools you can begin applying to your work immediately. Topics can be viewed 24/7, and CEUs are submitted directly to RID on you behalf at no additional charge. (CEUs are also available for BEI and State credit.)

For more information on how to begin earning CEUs today, visit the website by clicking here.

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