Recent Mandela Memorial Fake Interpreter Controversy Spawns Seattle’s Own “Fake Interpreter” Drama

seattleThe recent controversy over the South African fake ASL interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service spawned a 20-year ongoing controversy in the city of Seattle. According to the Deaf Review news website, the Seattle Men’s Chorus has been using its self-appointed “fake interpreter,” Kevin Gallagher for two decades now, much to the dismay of local deaf, hard of hearing, and citizens who know better.

To quote the website:

Less than 20 hours after Jantjie’s so-called schizophrenic episode, clear-eyed local deaf, hard of hearing, and Allied citizens in Seattle seized the opportunity to right an impunity that’s been playing on a far different stage: The Seattle Men’s Chorus (SMC)’s refusal to replace its self-labeled interpreter Kevin Gallagher with a qualified, certified ASL interpreter.

As Washington’s largest and most influential choral organization, SMC is considered a local treasure. So why is it not heeding the growing dissatisfaction of deaf/HH patrons?

To read the full story, visit the Deaf Review article by clicking here.

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