Sign Language Implemented into Active Shooter Training for Danville Kentucky Police Department

daville badgeFrom Central Kentucky News website:

While Kerr Hall on the campus of Kentucky School for the Deaf stood silent Monday afternoon, the silence was soon broken with a sound similar to gunfire and the shouting of officers as they swept the building.

The officers were conducting an active shooter training at the empty school, focusing on Kerr and Middleton halls. Kerr is home to the middle school grades while Middleton is a student dormitory.

In addition to using spoken words in the trainings, officers are implementing a few basic signs from American Sign Language, such as “follow,” “stop,” “where” and “stay.”

“It’s wonderful,” said Stu Harper, guidance counselor for the KSD, and one of the administrators who helps determine which signs officers needed to learn. “To have them comfortable with the layout (of the buildings) and comfortable with communicating with the hearing impaired … this is wonderful.”

Read full article by clicking here.

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