Gallaudet University Presents 2014 Colloquium Lecture Series for ASL Interpreters

Sherry Shaw

Dr. Sherry Shaw

Gallaudet University’s Department of Interpretation, Interpretation and Translation Research Center & Regional Interpreter Education Center are proud to present this series. Under the direction of Dr. Brenda Nicodemus, this series aims to expand access to exemplary scholarship in the field of ASL interpreting, showcase academic ASL, and provide more experience for students and professionals alike with the norms of graduate level academic discourse.

A wide variety of lectures are scheduled with the first, Trust and Responsibility in the Deaf Community: The Role of Community Engagement for Interpreters and Students, taking place on February 11, 2014. This first lecture will be presented by Dr. Sherry Shaw and addresses the fundamental elements of community-interpreter relationships of trust and responsibility. In recent years, interpreter education has evolved from cultural, social, experiential, and linguistic immersion in the Deaf Community to a classroom far-removed from the community.

For more information, and to see the complete series of lectures, visit the lecture series website by clicking here.

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