HIS Sign Certifies First Class of Deaf Friendly Businesses; FOX5 News Captures Event

deaf friendly ribbon

HIS Sign would like to congratulate the first group of businesses that have been certified “Deaf Friendly.” On Tuesday February 13, 2014, HIS Sign gave the first Deaf Friendly Business Certification training to a diverse group of businesses belonging to the Frederick County (MD) Chamber of Commerce.

The group learned about Deaf Culture as it relates to business as well as ways to provide equal communication access to members of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community through learning American Sign Language, the use of Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), and how to obtain and work with an on-site sign language interpreter.

This first graduating class will be listed on our website, as a certified Deaf Friendly Business. HIS Sign is now opening it’s Deaf Friendly Business Certification program to any business that would like to participate.

FOX5 News was also on hand to report on the event. From the FOX5 website:

FREDERICK, Md. – In a meeting room at the Frederick Chamber of Commerce Tuesday, a handful of local business people got a lesson about the area’s sizable deaf community and how they can be more welcoming to them.

“A lot of what we learned was basic greetings,” says the Chamber’s Lauren Hagan. “When somebody walks in your business, you want them to feel welcome. So just saying ‘thank you, hello, how can I help you?’ Simple things like that.”

The company offering this training is called HIS Sign. It’s a Frederick-based firm providing sign language interpreters for the community.

“We feel this will give you what we call the ‘halo effect,’” says Ron Burke of HIS Sign. “You, as a hearing person, will go to this business and see the sticker on the door, see the certificate on the wall that ‘we are deaf friendly.’ And what’s that going to make you feel? That’s going to make you feel like these are good people. They’re reaching out to a community.”

To watch the video and read the full FOX5 story, click here. For more information on HIS Sign’s free program and for ways to sign up, please go to DeafFriendlyBusiness.com.


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