Summer Youth Camp for Deaf Children Scheduled for August 2014

dy usa logoFrom the World Federation of the Deaf website:

WFDYS ‘s 3rd annual children camp will take place at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., from August 1-8, 2014. The camp theme is “Imagination.” From signing, filming, art, writing, camp attendees will be able to create different possibilities and gain self-worth from the deaf community, deaf culture, and sign language.

World Federation of the Deaf Youth Secton is well known internationally for hosting youth camps. WFDYS has been hosting three different camps: Children Camp for 10 – 12 years old, Junior Youth Camp for 13 – 17 years old, and Youth camp for 18 – 30 years old. The camp objectives are to provide leadership training for deaf youth, encourage ideas for organizational and advocacy work, develop transnational networking, serve as a temporary space for cultural and linguistic exchange, and to inspire.

For more information and to watch a video, visit the website by clicking here.

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