Retrain Your Brain Healthy Living Workshop for ASL Interpreters

somaticScheduled for March 23, 2014, workshop participants will learn to embody the self-healthcare skills of Hanna Somatic Education. This workshop is geared towards sign language interpreters, but is open to all who are interested in alleviating the common physical complaints and chronic muscular tension that can come from stress, trauma, pain, and repetitive tasks.

This remarkable first-person discipline consists of safe, gentle, controlled, self-regulated movement that will empower each student to act preventatively (before and after interpreting) and on the spot (as the ‘off’ interpreter).

Students will learn how to sense and identify tension patterns from the inside out, retrain their brain through specialized somatic movements in order to alleviate sensory-motor amnesia, and continue to improve their neuromuscular freedom for the rest of their lives.

All participants should wear loose comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. Bring extra clothing so that you can regulate your own body temperature. Bring a pillow, towel, blanket, a non-breakable beverage/water container, and some snacks. Anyone needing a doctor’s permission to do gentle movements/exercise, please do so before you attend this workshop.

For more information, click here to view the flyer.

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