UPDATE – Passages Deaf Travel Sponsors Deaf Child from Jamaica

HIS Sign recently shared with its readers Passages Deaf Travel’s (PDT) plan to sponsor deaf child Akeel Williams who lives with his grandmother in Jamaica. We’re pleased to report that Tabitha and Mac, owners of PDT, recently spent their vacation in Jamaica and visited Akeel.

Below are photos of their visit and at the bottom is the original post.





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The Passages Deaf Travel (PDT) Premium Club is sponsoring deaf child Akeel Williams. Akeel (seen at right) is an only child, who when not at school, currently lives with his grandmother. Akeel has a jovial and very friendly personality. Being around him will most likely guarantee a good laugh, as he is in his own way a comedian. You can always find Akeel playing with friends as this is one of his most favorite thing to do. He also loves to color. He is currently learning sign language and has not fully mastered the language.

PDT is seeking donations from its club members. For more information, visit the PDT website:


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