HIS Sign Interpreters Receive Praise for Interpreting Recent Theatrical Performance

music manDC Metro Theater Arts recently took in a performance of The Music Man, performed by the Sterling Playmakers. The review of the August 1st performance was positive and the HIS Sign interpreters who provided ASL interpretation were singled out for their colorful ASL interpretation of the play:

Saturday evening’s performance was sign language interpreted by staff from HIS Sign, which was an especially nice feature. Several families with hear-impaired members were able to enjoy the performance together, and it was delightful to see the interpreters sign the music, complete with locomotive motions with their hands during “Rock Island” and horse hoof clicks during “Wells Fargo Wagon.”

Click here to read the full review.

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2 Responses to HIS Sign Interpreters Receive Praise for Interpreting Recent Theatrical Performance

  1. Anne Tomasetti says:

    No. Who had the authority to genuinely understand, didn’t even ask what the deaf audience was enjoying? What THEY (the eyes that are not deaf) see as cool “Locomotive signing” and “horse-hoof clicks” do NOT MAKE for the whole of an interpreted performance. Did anyone ask what a deaf person enjoyed of this show? No. Furthermore, WHO labeled this interpreted performance “colorful”? How would THAT BE DEFINED? Nowhere in the article had any statement from a deaf person’s POV of the show. The article is null and void and does not represent any one or entity of a deaf person’s point of view. This article is written from a biased hearing point of view without any consideration.

  2. Paul Daniels says:

    Will you interpret for future plays at Sterling Playmakers this Fall and Winter?

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