Chicago ASL Interpreter Working at Bar Mitzvah Experiences A “Turning Point” in Her Career


Carly Fishman signing at Max Rollin’s Bar Mitzvah at Temple Beth-El, Northbrook Illinois

Rabbi Sidney Helbraun strongly believes that B’nai Mitzvah should be a “shared passage into adulthood” among family and friends at Temple Beth-El in Northbrook. The recent Bar Mitzvah of Max Rollins of Northbrook was just that and more for his father, Jon, who is deaf, and Carly Fishman, the sign language interpreter for the service.

“Signing at Max’s Bar Mitzvah was absolutely a turning point in my interpreting career,” said Carly Fishman, a Northbrook resident who has been a Temple Beth-El member for years and interprets many services for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Fishman is working toward her national ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter certification and is currently EIPA (Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment) certified for schools. She works at John Powers Center in Vernon Hills within the Special Education District of Lake County (SEDOL).

“Interpreting for this Bar Mitzvah, which was such a momentous occasion for the Rollins family, was incredibly intimidating,” Fishman said.

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