Signed Show Waitress at the Hippodrome

Last weekend, Christina and Brian of HIS Sign attended the interpreted touring Broadway show “Waitress” at the Hippodrome in Baltimore, MD ( Interpreters provided by HIS Sign.
Not only was the show excellent, but so were the interpreters.

If you are not aware, most of the area’s theaters have at least one interpreted or open captioned show per run, and the Hippodrome is no exception. Check out the HIS Sign calendar ( for shows that are either open captioned or interpreted.

We were joined by some Deaf friends and some hearing interpreters and we all enjoyed the show. It was very neat to see the cast acknowledge the interpreters at the end of the show, thereby pointing out that they were an important part of the show!

Here is a direct link to the listing of the shows at the Hippodrome that are interpreted:

Let us know of any theaters you know that provide either open captioned or interpreted or if you’ve attended a show that was!


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