THIS WEEKEND! All Hands Up: Interpreter Boot Camp

THIS WEEKEND! All Hands Up: Interpreter Boot Camp
Presented by Sabrina Smith, PhD
Saturday September 15, 2018
NVCC Annandale Campus
FREE for NOVA Students, $50.00 VRID Members, $75.00 non-VRID Member
Boot Camp is about working hard and eliminating fears. By the time the workshop is over most participants will feel more comfortable interpreting in front of others and challenged to go out and seek further practice to hone their skills. This workshop will examine the importance of expressive skills using techniques such as acting out the message in order to show the meaning rather than focusing on the word. Receptive skills will also be a focus giving each participant an opportunity to voice signed segments. The workshop starts from basic spelling activities and continues with interactive activities including showing rather than signing, voicing when there are no signs, chunking, simultaneous and finally cold voicing work.
With questions, email Marla Pollack at
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