Time & Time Again WS

NVCC and VDOE Educational Interpreter Training Grant with VRID are hosting ‘Time and Time Again’ workshop Saturday, October 13th at NVCC campus Building CD, room #227 from 9:00am to 12:00 noon. 0.3 CEUs will be available. Registration fees vary, check the attached flier for specifics.

You can register up to the date of the workshop. To register or with any questions contact Paula Debes Reece at pdebes@nvcc.edu or Marla Pollack at mspollack@fcps.edu.

This workshop will discuss the 12 verb tenses in English and consider their uses in representing time and durations of time. Interpreters often ignore some of the subtle differences between these tenses and choose more simple ASL constructions while interpreting. Participants will be given opportunities to analyze different sources to explore verb usage to represent time in both ASL and English.


At the conclusion of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Explain the 12 verb tenses in English
  • Discuss the different strategies that ASL employs to represent

these tenses

  • Analyze source material and determine dynamically equivalent

interpretations of time

  Presenter: Paula Debes Reece


Day of the Workshop:

  • Coffee and Refreshments will be provided in morning;

 Certificates of attendance will be given at the conclusion

  • Parking is open in LOT B & Parking garage


Let us know if you plan to attend and how the workshop goes!


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