A Tanker Truck and Legal Equivalency

Live Webinar – A Tanker Truck and Legal Equivalency

December 13th, 2018

8:00pm – 10:00pm (adjust for your time zone)

0.2 PS CEUs


This LIVE Webinar will be presented by Eric Workman

This course is designed to emphasize the importance of content carryover between English and ASL when the source language is English and the target language is ASL. Participants will review commonly used litanies and verbiage used within the legal system including the witness’ oath, guilty plea waiver of Constitutional rights, and the Miranda Warning.

Education Objectives include: participants defining content carryover and legal equivalency, defining and understanding concepts of knowingly, voluntarily, and intellectually and how this theory applies to legal interpreting, and being able to apply their knowledge of material through discussion and text analysis.

http://ceusonthego.com/activities/ and click the ‘LIVE Webinars’ dropdown

The webinar starts at 8:00pm SHARP, so don’t be late!


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