More Accessible Available Jobs!!

Recently, we’ve seen a HUGE growth in the number of jobs and hours of work our customers have trusted our agency with. This growth has challenged us in gaining coverage from our pool of subcontractors.

To help make our needs more transparent, we’ve created a new Available Jobs web page! You can access the web page directly using the following link or from the “Interpreters” or “Resource” menus on our website (

On this new web page you will find four sections: an overview video, available jobs report, FAQ, and a feedback form.

We plan on updating this information daily by 9:00am, containing all of the open jobs as of the time we pull the report.

There is no way for you to “accept” a job on this page. You can continue to accept work on eRSP ( as you currently do, use the form found on the web page, send an email to, or call us at 877-886-8879 x2.

In the upper, right-hand corner, there is a “Share” button. If you know of anyone that is looking for work, feel free to share with anyone you feel would benefit from working at HIS Sign!

All of us here at HIS Sign would like to Thank You for being a part of our Team! If you’re not currently a part of our team, we look forward to having you on board soon!


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